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Dedicated Solutions For Android Phone Monitoring



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Common Questions

  • You need physical access to the device

    To install the app into target mobile you would need access to that mobile for a minimum of 5 minutes. Please read our installation instructions on how to install.

  • Supported Handsets
    • All Android version 2.1 and above Phones are supported. We request you to test in target mobile in trial period before going for paid option.

  • Devices per login

    You can add upto 5 devices per login. All device can be controlled by one login in the same dashboard. Checkout our demo for more details.

  • Can the app be detected in mobile?

    App will be hidden and will not appear in the application list. It will not show in Google Play installed app list either. The app is designed to make uninstallation complicated.

    Have more questions?

    Visit our FAQ sections or write to us directly from ‘Contact Us’ form.

  • Can it track WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype?

    WhatsApp, Facebook and SKype cannot be tracked in normal phones, the device needs to be rooted for that and this will break warranty. We will be coming up with these features soon for rooted device.