Frequently Asked Question on TrackingSmartphone Spy App

Calls with longer duration not getting recorded / or getting recorded only for few seconds.

Battery saving app can cause a conflict and might terminate a process which is running for long (even longer than 30 sec) and that might cause longer running background process to be killed by these battery-saving apps.

Audio/Video/Call records with longer duration not getting uploaded and can only be seen in “.settings” folder.

Battery saving apps can terminate longer running processes and this might make only smaller files upload to server while the larger ones fail to upload. Disable or uninstall battery-saving apps.

What is the Code to open the app when hidden?

Dial *666* (including stars) in your dial pad.

Is the app free or is there any hidden charge?

No, the app is completely free. No hidden charge whatsoever.

Phone often displays a notification about spyware being detected

Try these steps to disable that alert:

Can one track anyone else without any app installed?

No. You can do that only if “Android Device Manager” is installed on the phone by them and you have their Gmail id username and password.

Can one install spy/tracker app remotely to their mobile?

You can install remotely only if you know their Gmail id username and password. But if you install remotely you cannot make it work as you need to register the mobile by opening it and signing in.

My android mobile throws “Cannot open the apk file” error

You can use APK installer app to install these apk. If the extension is .zip then you will have to rename and remove .zip folder.

Icon is not hidden in Android 10

Android 10 has removed the hiding of icon completely. The icon will still be there but won’t open the app when clicked. Instead, it will open app info.

Alert for Android 10 users

If you are installing the app on Android 10 then you will have to know a few things:
1. The icon cannot be hidden completely
2. The system throws an alert saying “Tracking Smartphone is reading Location information”. So you might want to either rename the app or not enable location information.
3. The system also throws an alert saying “Tracking Smartphone is displaying over other apps” sometimes, especially when you are recording video. You will have to disable the video taking feature as well in that case.

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