Frequently Asked Question on TrackingSmartphone Spy App

Calls with longer duration not getting recorded / or getting recorded only for few seconds.

Battery saving app can cause a conflict and might terminate a process which is running for long (even longer than 30 sec) and that might cause longer running background process to be killed by these battery saving apps.

Audio/Video/Call records with longer duration not getting uploaded and can only be seen in “.settings” folder.

Battery saving app can terminate longer running processes and this might make only smaller files upload to server while the larger ones fail to upload. Disable or uninstall battery saving apps.

What is the Code to open the app when hidden?

Dial *666* (including stars) in your dial pad.

Is the app free or is there any hidden charge?

No the app is completely free. No hidden charge whatsoever.

Phone often displays a notification about spyware being detected

Try these steps to disable that alert:

Can one track anyone else without any app installed?

No. You can do that only if “Android Device Manager” is installed on the phone by them and you have their Gmail id username and password.

Can one install spy/tracker app remotely to their mobile?

You can install remotely only if you know their Gmail id username and password. But if you install remotely you cannot make it work as you need to register the mobile by opening it and signing in.

My android mobile throws “Cannot open the apk file” error

You can try and download WinZip and open the apk in WinZip app, that should also do the trick.

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  1. Dear sir,
    I am not getting any data from the xoxo mi max to which I installed all in one app since two days before.all the setting in phone I. e. Unknown so ores, verify etc. including Google settings is done on targeted phone but still not getting any data whereas I am getting data from the other Samsung grand.
    Pl. Help and suggest.


  2. Hi, I`m getting no data from Oppo F1. The phone is not registered on the sadhboard even though my LG phone is on the dashboard. Is the Oppo F1 uncompatible with this app? I used it to record all my calls for legal reasons on other phones before so installation not an issue. If uncompatible, I would get a different phone. Thanks for your reply in advance.

  3. i tried your app on 2 phones samsung GT-I8200 and huawei che2-L11
    both have the same problem call recording cutting and not clear i dont know why maybe because the call record future uses 2 much ram or something maybe the app will work better on higher ram devices , still testing >
    still i admire your app and i found it very useful nice job man 🙂
    are there any recommendation on how to improve call recording and prevent it it from cutting ?

  4. Hi, I was using tracking smartphone for the past four days and everything was great until today I deleted the audio that the app recorded them for me and now I I don’t get anything when I use the app . Could you please help me to figur out the problem.

  5. What are the remote SMS commands for this app but since the initial install I can’t find the list of commands can someone help please

  6. Can you please Reset your servers ,,,, I received nothing while all the commands that I sent were succeeded since more than 6 days

  7. Hey Sir,
    I have installed the app in Samsung m30 but The app is not working properly the videos aren’t coming on the webiste i have tried alot fo capture video and pic but too its not coming. Please fix this

    Thank you

    • The videos will be captured and stored on the mobile and any new commands executed will also upload the old content to the website. Is that problem temporary or you are still facing it?

  8. Hello I’ve emailed a d left a couple comments on another thread somewhere on the site however I inquired about having the option to view the camera & microphone live or just listen to microphone live & I’m curious as if this could be an option made possible?

    I was also curious if we could send 2 commands at once meaning if I already sent a command to capture audio can we also send a command to capture picture or video without interfering with audio or another command?

    I’m asking because I sent several commands & a lot did not come threw so I’m curious if I’m sending the command to capture 40 min of audio do I have to wait till those 40 min are up to send another command or will the command stack?

    Also if I send a command for 40 min audio and 35 min later I send another command for 40 min audio when the first 40 min command is done with the 2nd command start?

    And the only other thing I’d like to see than live audio & live video feed command is the option to record audio for longer times & possibly re ord audio while listening to live feed audio.

    Thank you for all you do this app has helped me greatly.

    • Thank you for the feedback. We are trying to include more features. Right now the commands are executed in sequence. If you initiate 2 commands for audio recording the second will be ignored if the first one is still running.

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