How to track your boyfriend or spouse phone for free

Many have asked this question whether they can track their boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife remotely without them getting to know. Yes, it’s possible but not without an app to send you that information discreetly.

To track anyone you need to follow the below steps:

1. Get the mobile for a minimum of 2 minutes.
2. Install ‘tracking smartphone’ app on their mobile. Download here.
3. Hide app icon.
4. And finally, disable security alerts. Check how to do it

That’s it and you can monitor their device remotely from call records to SMS, Contacts, Pictures, Browsed Links, etc.

Can one track anyone else without any app installed?

No. You can do that only if “Android Device Manager” is installed on the phone by them and you have their Gmail id username and password.

Can one install a spy/tracker app remotely to their mobile?

You can install remotely only if you know their Gmail id username and password. But if you install remotely you cannot make it work as you need to register the mobile by opening it and signing in.

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