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All-in-one Tracker for your Android Phone

The best all in one Tracking App / Spy Software / Parental Control / Anti Theft Solution is now free. There are many apps in market which provides half the features what TrackingSmartphone Provides but none of them is free, most of them charge upto $50 per month.

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Use of TrackingSmartphone App:

Protection from Theft:
Use it to ring loud siren when someone tries to unlock your phone and fails. Take picture from front camera and send it to your registered mail id. If the SIM is changed get SMS from new number to your family/friend’s phone.

Parental Control
Use it to keep a tab on the places visited by your children, Pages browsed on mobile, SMS sent/received, Calls made including audio of calls and location details, Change pin of mobile when you feel its time your kid stops using mobile and more.

Spy Software
If you think your Spouse / Boyfriend / Girlfriend is being unfaithful and want to monitor them for few days use our app, enable Stealth mode and you can monitor everything remotely.


Following are the features of Tracking Smartphone:
✔ Call and SMS Logs with Location
✔ Record Call as MP3 and stream it online.
✔ Capture audio upto 30 Min
✔ Capture 20 Sec Video from front or back camera
✔ Get Gallery / WhatsApp / downloaded Picture
✔ Get Gallery / WhatsApp / downloaded Videos
✔ Get Browser History
✔ Get Application List
✔ Get Contact List
✔ Lock screen Remotely
✔ Change Pin remotely
✔ Vibrate / Ring Alarm / Show Message / initiate a call all remotely
✔ Get Location history of places visited
✔ Get Device info of battery, wifi and Location status.
✔ Hide Icon Completely
✔ Uninstall protection
✔ Enable Mobile Internet via SMS
✔ SIM Change notification via SMS
✔ Ring Siren and Take Picture when multiple unsuccessful unlock attempt is made.
✔ Control all features via SMS commands.

Dial *666* to unhide app.

SMS Commands:

Replace the word password with your password.

tsp password vibrate (vibrates the device for 5 sec)
tsp password siren (plays loud siren even if the device is muted)
tsp password picfront (takes a pic from front camera and uploads)
tsp password picback (takes a pic from back camera and uploads)
tsp password videofront (captures video front camera and uploads)
tsp password videoback (captures video back camera and uploads)
tsp password locate (replies with an SMS with the latest location)
tsp password enablemobiledata (enables mobile data)
tsp password disablemobiledata (disables mobile data)
tsp password enablewifi (enables wifi)
tsp password disablewifi (disables wifi)
tsp password changepin newPIN (changes the device PIN to the newPIN)
tsp password lockscreen (locks the device screen)
tsp password callinfo (replies with an SMS with last 5 call details)
tsp password message text (displays the text)
tsp password call number (calls the number)
tsp password speak text (speaks the text)

Please Note:

– Android 10 doesn’t allow hiding of icon completely. It still has one icon displayed on the drawer.
– Call Recording is disabled in Android 10 completely.
– Video recording might show a warning in some mobile.

Folder in mobile:

All Call records are stored in “.settings” folder in mobile SD card. Files in this directory are not listed on media players.

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