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We would like to thank online bloggers who have created video of Tracking Smartphone app to explain a few features of the App. Below is the list of some:

(Please note we dont hack any phone nor we have access to your content directly. All details are encrypted before they are stored in our database)

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  1. i have an account already, one never worked, so i decided to try this one just to see if he is just ignorant on that one app or what, but as i suspected, he is just plain ignorant in general. i don’t know where he thinks he learned how to develop an app let alone 6 or 7 apps that make up the website. There is not one single app that this man has, so called, “DEVELOPED”, because there is not one app on that works the way it is supposed to. including this one. I don’t know why they continue to publish his website or apps that are on his website. Why would google allow him to continue giving them a bad name. cause trust this, if an app comes from google then they are ultimately responsible for the apps and the people who publish them if it can be gotten from Google or Googles affiliates. Doesn’t Google require certain standards, or qualifications that a developer or a publisher has to have , or abide by.

    • I don’t know what is not working. Some people think they can install the app on their phone and then track anyone they want by entering that number. That’s not how it works. All apps together have more than 1 million active users who use it almost daily. It wouldn’t be the case if all apps were bad.

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